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Easy-to-Customize Web Site Templates

Another option for staying on the forefront of electronic HR services, while retaining in-house management of Web sites and communications, is to take advantage of HRCSI’s Easy-to-Customize Web Site Templates.This service is perfect for HR professionals who want to manage changes and updates to Web-based information on their own — for even more cost savings.

The capabilities of HRCSI’s Easy-to-Customize Web Site Templates allow HR professionals to design a company Web site with a user-friendly platform. Change fonts, text colors, information, photos, and more in an instant. The capabilities don’t stop there.Because HRCSI’s Web template platform has all the built-in tools that a professional graphic or Web designer would use, you can customize information to be adapted for your company to use as printed, corporate collateral that HRCSI helps you print and distribute.

Not only do you have the ability to manage your own Web site, you also have the tools to create corporate holiday cards, thank you notes, benefit brochures, newsletters, and more.

Please call HRCSI to let us demonstrate this most cost-effective service for you.


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