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Interactive HR Web Site Design and Management

E-communication is at the forefront of best practices for business as a whole, as well as for the more specialized field of corporate HR communications. Today’s employees expect instant access to benefit information and programs. Employees also expect information that’s absolutely up-to-date.

By establishing a dedicated Web site for HR news, you ensure that your employees have the information they want and need, right when they request it.

And, since not everyone has the budget to staff an in-house graphics department, HRCSI is your best choice for Web site design, development, and maintenance. An HRCSI Web site allows provides you and your employees with:

  • around-the-clock availability of benefit information (reducing frequent calls to the HR department);
  • a centralized, reliable source for researching benefit options, health services, and wellness programs;
  • streamlined, automatic Web responses to inquiries and benefit changes;
  • ready-to-use new hire materials and open enrollment forms, requiring a simple click of the mouse to access;
  • interactive Web pages with data that’s tailored for your employees;
  • personalized, print-on-demand newsletters;
  • improved data management and integration; and
  • reduced printing, postage, filing, and case management costs.
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