About HRCSI.

HR Communication Solutions, Inc. bridges the gap between a company and its employees by offering the best in highly targeted human resources communications and services. As leaders in the field, HRCSI leverages the power of the Internet and the latest in data integration capabilities to deliver an effective, customized HR communications plan.

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Our Passion

Started in 1993 as a turnkey provider of open-enrollment packets for corporations, HRCSI has since grown to expertly handle all types of services to improve corporate–employee HR communications.While other one-to-one service providers generalize their business across disparate, unrelated industries, HR Communication Solutions, Inc. specializes in one very important field: HR communications. Because HRCSI knows the value of taking care of employee needs and well-being, we remain completely dedicated to assisting human resources professionals and benefits consultants with the ongoing task of communicating benefit information and other services to individual employees and clients.

By offering everything from printed and online business communications to employee personalized health coaching services to fulfilling orders for promotional awards and products, we ensure that you reach your employees in a way that’s personal and effective. It’s this high standard of service that guarantees an integrated approach to your human resources needs, as well as a customized plan that best suits your organization and employees. In each case, HRCSI and its experienced HR Service Partners will work to develop a plan and strategy that reduces your team’s management time, which — in turn — can reduce your overall service costs.

By turning to HR Communication Solutions, Inc. for HR communications and services, you can depend on:

  • one-to-one employee communications customized through state-of-the-art data integration;
  • easy-to-access benefit information, for you and your employees;
  • online new hire and enrollment materials, managed by HRCSI for an instant, electronic response confirming benefit changes or additions;
  • reduced printing costs, plus the option to choose the best printing method on a per-project basis;
  • seamless client service and account maintenance;
  • customized Web sites and e-interfaces, and more.



Our Partners

Gone are the days when a company has no choice but to maintain an exhaustive list of vendors to fulfill frequent and one-time requests for printing, promotional products, marketing material development, and communication strategies and fulfillment.

By turning to HR Communication Solutions, Inc., your company needs just one reliable source in its address book.
In fact, it doesn’t get any easier:Call HRCSI, and we’ll manage the rest.

Working with a trusted network of print, Web design, and communications professionals, HR Communication Solutions, Inc. has developed a team of leaders in print and electronic communications, each of which is dedicated to high-quality, high-speed service.



Our Promise

  • HR Communication Solutions, Inc. and its expert HR Service Partners will go out of the way to create the most cost-effective, customized human resources plan possible.
  • By using the most advanced, adaptive technology available today, HRCSI promises to create a strategy that enables your company to more seamlessly deliver HR services to your employees — so that your work days go smoother.

Whatever your needs, HRCSI’s One-To-One Solution will connect your company with its employees through high-speed services to add personal value and reduce time and costs.


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